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Stop by Today for a ROCK-ing Deal!

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From time to time, we get some pretty bargains from our importers. They're called closeouts, and there are many reasons why they might want to close out a wine, but it rarely has to do with quality. Usually, it's just that the new vintage is on its way, and they have to make room. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say! Well, we love closeouts. It allows us to bring our customers great wine at exceptional prices. This week, we were able to snag a bunch of cases of a wine we've carried for a while, and the same producer's white, which is new to us. And boy, did we get a great deal.

Rock Face Syrah and Rock Face Chenin Blanc are big, bold everyday wines from California, offering great quality at accessible prices.

Some of you may know the Syrah for its rich, silky body with a bit of spice. Maybe not the wine you'd run to on a day like today but it's perfect with steaks and burgers, so light up the barbecue, theneat inside with the A/C full blast, you won't be disappointed.

Big and ripe, the Chenin Blanc is packed with tropical fruit and a luscious body, balanced by refreshing acidity. Have this one on its own as a cheerful aperitif, or enjoy with this year's fantastic summer tomatoes and some fresh mozzarella from Russo's! If that's not heaven, I don't know what is. Oh, and the price.... full price, these wines can sell up to $16 / bottle. We've carried the Syrah at $14 / bottle, but today, you can grab each for only $9.99! Or, if you buy both the red and the white, you can get them for $17.99, cutting off an additional two bucks.

We have a good bit, but at this price it's not going to last, so swing by tonight, taste through, and stock up! Or if can't make it in, give us a call at 718/832-5101or order online.

(sorry, case discounts will not apply)


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